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Local Food Works Foundation

Investing in the Salina, Kansas area local food system through grant opportunities, education, and events.

Vegetable Garden

The LFWF currently hosts an annual event that celebrates the local foods community.  The goal of the event is to recognize community members involved in local foods as well as raise funds for our grant program. "Feast on the Fe" joyfully illustrates the bounty of our community in terms of both food and connectivity.

 LFWF's grant program awards up to $5,000.00 to a member or members of the community, annually. The grant helps fund projects that exemplify the LFWF mission of facilitating growth and connectivity in the local foods system. Interested individuals can visit our LFWF Grants Page or contact LFWF via email at for more grant details and application deadlines.

The LFWF's purpose is to both serve and educate by identifying the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in the local food system. 

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Board Members

Kirsty Hartley - Board President
Tyler Gallagher - Board Vice President

Emma Flemmig - Board Treasurer

Madeline DuBois - Board Secretary

Brent Martin - Board Member

Rachel Bieker - Board Member

Rachel Andre - Board Member

Megan Ayers - Board Member

Fresh Vegetable in Basket

Why Local?

"Local food is about getting the freshest and best tasting food. It’s also also about connecting to and strengthening your community. The more that you buy locally, the more you contribute to the health of your local economy. There are multiple benefits. It may mean that your community has more resources for public works like roads or schools. And you preserve farmland in your area, preventing sprawl and allowing natural habitats to thrive." - Anna Lappe

Contact Local Food Works Foundation

Local Food Works Foundation

P.O. Box 2357

Salina, KS  67402-2357

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